YouTuber fan breaks glass with voice. Loss of hearing within a 3km radius.

Reports have come in to I.D.C HQ that during a meet up in Dublin, a youtuber fan screeched so loudly that 15,000 people were admitted to A & E for burst eardrums. It happened midday, nearly 2 weeks ago.

Gardaí are on the look out for the youtuber ‘Sean Treacy’, who is accused of showing his face in public, which lead to the mass hearing loss of the surrounding members of public.

We interviewed the screecher at her home in Stellton, in stelltown, West Visuals district. To hide her identity her name has been changed to Amy.

In an exclusive interview, Amy told us what it was like to lay eyes upon her ‘biggest fan ever like’.

“Like you know he just stepped out of the Luas and Omer-God like, my friend pointed him out like, look there’s stellar. Before I knew it I had like haha like yeah Omer-God totally- literally murdered the eardrums of 15,000 innocent people. That’s like a lot of ears haha.”

Amy than went on in depth about how this youtuber is ‘omergawd super stellar dreamy’.

Later that day she was admitted to Crumlin Children’s Hospital, where she had a megaphone removed from her throat. Amy was diagnosed with S. PTSD. That is Stellar-PTSD.

During the interview……Amy had a ‘Stellar Flashback’.

This lead to a fatal event during the interview however. Amy proceeded to scream ‘Omergaaaaaawwwwd Stellllllll’ while jumping up and down uncontrollably.

Our chief editor ‘Brian’ unfortunately passed away at the scene. He was within the 5 meter kill radius… Our deepest condolences are presently with his family ⭐️.

Amy returned home later that day. She is now in a special voice-unit in Crumlin. This is certainly a first.

RIP BRIAN 1986 -2018.



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